Sanctuary Accessibility

Sanctuary Accessibility


For those with diminished hearing, we offer a convenient headphone listening system, which provides additional amplification. This audio loop system is worn Walkman-style, with comfortable headsets. There’s a single on-off-volume switch, and the unit will amplify any sounds coming from the public address system. They can be found in the drawers on top of the book case in the foyer. Further, for cochlear implants and for those wearing hearing aids with a built-in and enabled “telephone” feature (also known as a telecoil), the audio system is piped directly into the hearing aid. Not all hearing aids have this feature, so check with your audiologist if you’re not certain.


For those who need larger print, we have Vivitar illuminated magnifiers to borrow when reading from the prayerbook. They can be found in the drawers on top of the book case in the foyer.


Our beautiful front door and Bimah ramps provide improved access to the building and Bimah.  We also have a wheelchair accessible bathroom located on the main floor.

Remote Listening  

While enjoying services and programs amongst members helps build connections within our community, should you find yourself unable to get here in person, most services and programs in the sanctuary can be listened to on a Windows or Mac computer, or iPhone, via our remote streaming link here. Listening on an Android device requires the free VLC app, available from Google Play Store. Be sure to apply the full URL (HTTP:// in the streaming location in the app.