"The Invisibles" Movie Screened on March 2nd at BI

"The Invisibles" was clearly a hit at the March 2nd film screening at BI, presented by the Social Action Committee. The new movie, which was slated to open in theaters around Philadelphia later in March, was shown under a special arrangement with the film's owners. A crowd of 40 or so people, from BI and Ohev Shalom, joined Rabbi Helen Plotkin to view the exciting story of four real-life survivors of the German efforts to clear all Jews from wartime Berlin. These four, who tell their own stories in interviews and are depicted by actors in the film, describe their will to survive through the terrible fear and isolation they suffered. They even had to avoid other Jews who were betraying their own to the Gestapo. The background story, also told brilliantly, is of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of everyday Germans who sheltered and aided the Jews. Without these heroic citizens, the survival of the 1500 who lived to war's end in Berlin might not have been possible. Rabbi Helen, in her preparations to lead the discussion afterwards, revealed a copy of "The Forger," a memoir of one of the four survivors depicted in film, located in the Swarthmore College library. It was a night of thrills and narrow escapes!