2018 MLK Day of Service

Martin Luther King Day of Service at Beth Israel saw a large group knitting hats and writing postcards to our elected representatives on a variety of topics. A total of 19 hats and one child’s scarf will be delivered to City Team in Chester. Many thanks to Merdie Gilmore, Lynn Cashell, Joyce Romoff, Judy Kinman, Marion Hamermesh, Deb Wile, Elaine Wasekanes, Deb Erie, and a group of youth and two Drexel students who found BI on the official MLK Day website. Most of the new people were interested in the circular looms for making hats, keeping Elaine Wasekanes very busy. One young visitor finished a baby hat that day. Several people took looms home with them to complete their hats. A special thank-you to Ala Hamilton-Day for picking up the official t-shirts, and to various people who donated hats and supplies.  

Social Action chairperson Carol Briselli and Rabbi Linda partnered on the postcard writing project, and Carol, John Greenstine and Ala Hamilton-Day wrote 35 advocacy cards to our representatives.  Ala also led the effort to collect hundreds of dollars’ worth of diapers, soap and feminine products for a shelter and pantry in Chester, which she took to the shelter later in the week.

Hat making for needy and deserving people is a year round project at BI, so keep those crochet hooks, knitting needles, and circular looms going. Donations of knitting needles (sizes 7 to 9), crochet hooks (3, 4), circular looms and worsted-weight yarn are always welcome. Please contact Judy Kinman (jkinman125@gmail.com)or Elaine Wasekanes (catwasekanes@yahoo.com) for questions and contributions.