Horah for the Torah

Thank you for your interest and participation in our Holocaust Torah Restoration Project. We hope you'll attend our Horah for the Torah celebration on December 10, 2016 by registering here.

You can also fulfill the 613th commandment of the Torah, expressed in Devarim, 31:19, and "write this song for yourselves." You may "purchase" letters, words, lines, verses, commandments and parshas, by choosing options on the page below. 

Depending on what you "buy", you may, under the direction of Rabbi Kevin Hale, inscribe a portion of the Torah text to be repaired. In any case, you will be invited to a special session with Rabbi Kevin Hale to watch as he expertly repairs our Holocaust Torah.

Choose among the options below.
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$ 5,000.00
$ 613.00
$ 1,800.00
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