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There are three categories of membership: individual, family and Chaver or Associate Membership.  

1. Individual membership is for a single person

2. Family membership is for anyone with children

3. Chaver membership comes in two forms.

  • First, an individual or family that lives less than 75 miles from Beth Israel and who belongs to another synagogue and is a dues paying member in good standing at that synagogue, may become a Chaver member of Beth Israel for $510.  These members  will receive all entitlements and privileges as a full member.  
  • The second form of this membership is for an individual or family that lives more than 75 miles away. The fee for this membership is $180, and these members will receive all entitlements and privileges as a full member.

Special offer for new members!
     New members in the Family and Individual categories are asked to give only half of the annual dues during their first year.

How to use this page

  1. Select a membership type.  The dues amounts below for Individual and Family memberships reflect a 50% discount for your first year of membership.
  2. Select a Nadiv Lev amount ("gift of the heart").
  3. Select any appropriate tuition-related items.
  4. Enter helpful information about your payment, so that we can ensure that your payment is credited properly, and (more importantly) so that we can contact you to welcome you to our community.

Thanks, and welcome to Congregation Beth Israel of Media!

Welcome! We are pleased to welcome you to our Beth Israel community. The prices for Individual and Family memberships reflect our first-year dues discount of 50% for new members.
This idea of a Nadiv Lev comes from the Torah, and means "gift of the heart." When the Israelites began to organize their community after leaving Egypt, two financial processes were put into place: a half-shekel assessment (think of that as dues) and a request for Nadiv Lev above and beyond the assessment. The Torah tells that the Israelites gave so much from the heart that Moses had to ask them to stop. Many of our members are blessed with good fortune and have been stepping up their efforts to help those who have not been as fortunate. We have therefore chosen to put a greater emphasis on the Nadiv Lev, or "gift of the heart." If you would like to join the growing number of members who are giving back to their community by helping Beth Israel congregants meet their obligations, please choose an appropriate donation amount on this page. We are very grateful for your gift of the heart.
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