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Congregation Beth Israel of Media provides opportunities for both members and non-members to support our programs and goals.  You can donate to multiple funds using this page.

BI Members:

Thank you!  Your support helps us to keep moving forward.

Donations help us to offer a variety of classes and to host exciting, insightful and thought-provoking speakers on many topics including Torah, ethics, lifecycle, and culture.

Donations support music programming, performance and enrichment for all instrumental and vocal groups at Beth Israel.

Provides a permanent source of income to help support the continued work and programs of the congregation. Named in memory of Burt Cohen, a past president of Congregation Beth Israel, whose vision and work to create the endowment fund have helped our congregation to grow and prosper.

Donations to this fund support an annual celebratory event in memory of Eliana Andersen for Hebrew School students, their siblings and families, and other interested congregants.

Donations help fund general synagogue operations.

Provides for the unexpected financial needs of the synagogue. For a minimum contribution of $5.00, an acknowledgement card will be sent to whomever you wish to honor.

Donations support a speaker on an appropriate topic as part of the adult education series.

$ 36.00
Our Siddurim (Shabbat and High Holy Day prayer books) and Chumashim (Books of Torah) are heavily used and wear out over time. Each contribution of $36 can be accompanied by a dedication; recipients are notified and a nameplate is inserted inside the book.

Donate to our Purim fundraiser - bring a smile to your fellow members' punims (faces), and support your synagogue community at the same time.

Donations are used by the rabbi to support a variety of charitable events. In the past, this fund has been used for additional programs, special training for teachers, travel, and special needs of individual congregants.

Donations help support smaller "fix-up" jobs that keep the synagogue in working order.

Contributions help support families who are not capable of meeting our normal tuition assessments.

Donations are used to purchase necessary items and support programs in our Hebrew School.

$ 10.00
For $10 per line, our Torahs can be rescribed and restored.

$ 300.00
Names may be placed on Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques for a $300 contribution.

Donate to the Yiskor book in memory of loved ones.
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