Social Action

We are committed to Tikkun Olam, or “Repair of the World.” The Social Action Committee's projects include annual clothing drives; participation in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service; preparing and serving meals to the homeless; special Tikkun Olam speakers at Friday night services; food drives during Passover and the High Holy Days; preparing lunches for needy children through Mitzvah Mania, advocating for gun control and victims’ rights; and presenting the Friend of the Community Award. The committee meets monthly at BI and the homes of our members. Anyone in the congregation is welcome to join.

Coming Oct. 20: Is "Eat Drink Man Woman" Really a Jewish Film?

When Ang Lee and James Schamus, the co-authors of the screenplay for Eat Drink Man Woman, went to Taipei to prepare for the film, Schamus brought Lee a first draft. Lee thought it wasn't “Chinese" enough, so Schamus re-imagined all the names as Jewish and re-wrote the script with these characters in mind. When he brought it back, Lee thought it was much more Chinese. Is this film about Chinese, Jewish, or universal values?

We will begin with a brief introduction to traditional Chinese values, watch the film, and then discuss it, briefly noting that it has been re-made as Tortilla Soup, set in Southern California.