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Ellie Festival: Mosaic Magic facts by Rich Remenick

Mosaic is an art form that has thrived in many different cultures. Ancient Greeks and Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and the early Russian culture based in Kiev all had a hand in developing the form. Ancient Jews also joined in by creating their own mosaics.

One Jewish example of this art form is the magnificent Lod mosaic, which was discovered in 1996 by construction workers who were widening a street in the town of Lod, Israel. This find generated so much interest, that 30,000 people came to see it over one weekend when it was publicly displayed! The work then went on an international tour of eleven museums before coming home to the town of Lod, where it will be on permanent display in a museum structure built just for it. 

Uplifted and excited about the future

by Rabbi Nathan Martin - January 2019

I still can feel the joyful energy as I joined a chain of a hundred other smiling dancers while we snaked our way through the aisles of the Double Tree hotel conference room and belted out Lekha Dodi along with the 500+ Reconstructionist davveners for the Friday night service. This is one image I will hold onto from the Reconstructing Judaism convention - an image that helps me to remember that we are indeed part of a larger movement of joyful, creative, soulful Jews and allies seeking ways to infuse Jewish meaning into our lives.