Not Quite The Princess Bride Purim Shpiel-2015

Just a few Purim photos, courtesy of Mark Cary, in case you were wondering what it all looked like and missed being there. Get a load of pulchritudinous Esther and her balloominous bust. And, Hey man!, look at that torch singer with the black hat.
The Passover candy sure looks good doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to buy a whole bunch of it for a worthy cause?

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Landscape Work Day 2014

Thanks to all the children from the Hebrew School and adults who took a few hours to help get the BI grounds cleaned up for the Spring. Picking up sticks was needed to allow the mowing to get started. Flowers and bulbs donated by the Block’s were planted in two locations. And, the children saw the ladybug, the groundhog’s hole, and where the deer sleep. It was a beautiful clear and sunny day. --------The Landscape Committee

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