Adult Education

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Torah Treks

 Torah Treks is an amazing journey through the Hebrew Bible.

Years 1 - 5 Torah:  The Five Books of Moses
Years 6 - 8 Nevi'im:  The Prophets
Years 9 - 10 Ketuvim:  The Writings

We begin each year with an overview of whichever Books we are studying and then continue with an in-depth look at each individual Book.  Each session is held after Shabbat morning services and is taught by Rabbi Linda or our guest faculty (presented with the Religious Practices Committee).

Adult Education

As Reconstructionists, we consider Judaism as more than a religion.  It is a civilization encompassing history, literature, art, music, land, and language.  Through our shared past and our communal experience of worship, study and celebration, we affirm our sense of belonging.  We hope you'll join us in the continuing evolution of Judaism, as we help shape the spiritual and cultural legacy we will leave to future generations.

Beth Israel offers a rich menu of classes on many topics - Torah, ethics, lifecycle, and culture.  All classes are open to the public and, with the exception of those offered through Mekom Torah, are free of charge. Guests are invited to make a donation to BI. Questions should be directed to Rabbi Linda ( or Marion Hamermesh, chair of the Adult Education Committee.