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Paradigms of Parting with Rabbi Richard Hirsh and Rabbi Linda Holtzman-2019

Paradigms of Parting: Jewish Stories from the End of Life

Jewish sacred literature includes remarkable stories about the deaths of spiritual leaders.As we read, share, and discuss some of these stories, we will see a range of expectations, encounters, and experiences. A common goal throughout the sessions will be to extract contemporary insights about how Jewish sources and resources about mortality can help us to reflect on the quality as well as the quantity of years in a life. Session I will feature end of life stories of biblical figures. Session II will focus on stories about rabbis of the Talmudic era.Session III will look at stories from the Hasidic tradition.

Drops of Torah from our members - 5779 (2018-19)

We all have the capacity to share our wisdom and reflections about the Torah texts we read each week. The Congregation Beth Israel Drops of Torah project provides an opportunity for people to share a brief reflection or short insight about the week's Torah portion. These short pieces are written by our members with support from our rabbis (as needed). Our plan is to have members reflect on 1/9 of a Torah portion each week so that in nine years we will have commented on the whole Torah! Beth Israel follows the Israeli Torah reading calendar which sometimes differs from the Conservative and Orthodox Torah reading calendar outside of Israel but will always sync up before the end of the Torah reading year. Consider signing up for a drop of Torah. For more information, contact Rabbi Nathan Martin (

Being Open to Discovery

This sacred season is replete with holy days, each unique yet wedded to one another through the theme of teshuvah - turning, returning, repenting, and renewing. As we step into each holy day we encounter opportunities to celebrate; to contemplate life, eternity and forgiveness; to raise up harvest, hospitality and spiritual protection; and finally, to dance as we celebrate Torah and the gift of new beginnings. This month is an invitation to find meaning and inspiration through sacred time. Let's clear a path for these occasions and open ourselves up to discovery as we embrace them. Wishing you sweetness and blessing as we step into this new year - 5779 - together.

Shana Tova U'metukah, Rabbi Linda