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Welcome to Congregation Beth Israel of Media - ברוכים הבאים

We are a Reconstructionist congregation in Media, Pennsylvania.  We strive to inspire and educate our members, providing them with a warm and nurturing community. We engage in Jewish learning, tikkun olam (repairing the world), and creating wonderful memories with terrific social events.  Come join us!

Quick info for what's happening now

BI Members, help us close our Snowmageddon-related budget gap by becoming a "Snow Angel" - click here to donate!

December 8th was the beginning of one of the snowiest winters in Delaware County. Some say it may be one for the history books. While beautiful at times, the white and fluffy accumulation had to be plowed from our parking lot in order for us to enjoy our programs and Services during the long winter months.

Although the Board anticipated some snow events and budgeted accordingly, we clearly underestimated the amount of funds we would need. As a result we have a budget shortfall of about $5,000.

We are asking the community to come together to pitch in and close the gap. Fortunately, we have some members who have already donated. Now it is your turn. Please join the ranks of BI’s Snow Angels.

Please donate online or send your check to Congregation Beth Israel and write “Snow Angel” in the memo line  Thank you!!!

We have some great events this season.  
Come join us!

Passover Food Drive - click here

Passover Candy Sale by the Hebrew School

Kosher for Passover, fair-trade, organic chocolate to support our school. Offfered for sale on the following school days: Sunday 3/23, Tuesday 3/25, Tuesday 4/1, Sunday 4/6, andTuesday 4/8


Fireside Concert - A Salon Event
This Saturday, April 19, 7:00 PM

Come gather at Andrea B's home for live musical performances by members of the Beth Israel community and their guests.  Seating is limited, so please
RSVP to Andrea and bring something to share.  
$10 admission at the door.  
Click here for information.

Mitzva Mania
Sunday morning, May 4, 9:30 to noon

The Social Action Committee will once again organize this activity on behalf of BI. We are asking all BI congregants, including adults and Hebrew school children, to join us in the mitzvah of feeding the hungry by participating in the making 200 brown bag lunches. The lunches will be donated to the Chester Eastside Ministries. Reverend Warren of CEM will distribute them to her after school programs and to needy adults coming to the on-site food bank.

Read about our Green Faith Certification

***Typhoon Relief:  click here for how you can help***

Passover Food Drive

Friday April 4th through Saturday April 12th

In anticipation of Pesach, when you will be doing the annual kitchen spring cleaning and removal of chametz, please think of others who are spared this task because their cupboards are bare. As in a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Al Lugano, portions of which are cited here, there are problems in trying "to feed a region short on meat, vegetables, and hope." This is a time when the federal government has reduced food-stamp benefits and, as advocates point out, the refrigerators of even some working people are depressingly empty.

Welcome To Pesach; Welcome To Spring; Liberating Ourselves; Liberating The Earth

Pesach celebrates the exodus from slavery in Egypt, the birth of our people and the redeeming power of God.  It also celebrates the arrival of the Spring, symbolized by the karpas (green vegetable) on the seder plate.   This year, our Spring festival will be joyously welcomed as we bid goodbye to a particularly oppressive Winter and open our hearts and our windows to the yearly miracles that we witness in the Spring.

The harshness of this Winter has been attributed to the environmental climate crisis that plagues our earth.  Organizations like COEJL(the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life) and Greenfaith have developed materials for Pesach to help us explore the ways in which materialism and our over consumption both enslave us individually and threaten the survival of other species and of our planet.  I'd like to share some of these ideas with you and invite you to take the opportunity at seder time to work with them.  Together, we can make this season of our liberation into a year round quest to liberate ourselves in ways that are salvific to us and to our world.

Beth Israel is proud to support these organizations


GreenFaith - Interfaith Partners for the Environment

Mazon | A Jewish Response to Hunger


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